Launching of the new blog for Mu Studios

on January 3rd, 2010 by Richard Orelup in General
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The Blog of Mu is the new blog for Mu Studios.  Previously we were planning on just putting the blog up on our main site but 2 things came up.  First we didn’t like the look we picked for the business side when we tried to “blog-ify” it.  Secondly we wanted to be able to maybe be a little less professional with it.  By having this site separate we can treat it differently then we did if we had it on our main site.   We can talk about topics that really aren’t part of our core business and not really feel like it might confuse people.

For clients looking to for our services they aren’t really going to care about a WordPress vulnerability and how to defend from it when they aren’t even managing their site.  When we want to post about Comet and other techiniques we might be using, our possible clients won’t care about that.

So what will will we be posting about here?  The biggest thing will be things we feel are cool in the web and application development world that we are either using or looking at using.  We are also going to talk about tech related news and events we think are relevant to the web world.

As well I’ve wanted an outlet to talk about cheap/free applications and services that people and businesses can use.  When starting up Mu Studios we definitely tried to keep things lean so that we could easily cover the costs in the beginning (and to keep the wives happy that we weren’t wasting money.)  I think a lot of these same ideas could be transfered to others to help keep their costs down.  This then can free up other money for other ventures.

Well, enough rambling that no one will ever read.  :)  On to the content.

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