Social Media Survey for those in NW Indiana

on January 4th, 2010 by admin in General
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Alright everyone of Northwest Indiana, I put together a little survey so we can all get an idea of what people in the region are using in the social media realm.  This was originally Josh Walker’s idea but I went ahead and put it together.

First, please only people from Northwest Indiana fill this out.  This is really more looking for what people in this area are using.  So please be honest on this.

Second, I will make another post in about a week that will auto update with new results when they come in.  If anyone wants a copy of the raw data please let me know and I will get that to you as I consider anything put here to be public knowledge.  No one should really need the data though because the second post “should” give you everything you need.  :)

This form is done with Google Docs, I’ll be putting up a post about creating your own in the near future as well for people who want to learn how they can create their own.

Thanks everyone for filling this out and look for the results post next Monday.

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5 Responses to “Social Media Survey for those in NW Indiana”

  1. Great idea Richard, hope to see results.

  2. Josh Walker says:

    Nice to see it live! How long are you thinking about running it? Or maybe waiting for a certain number of results?

    Thanks for the survey.

  3. Richard says:

    Probably going to leave for a while. If for some reason it started getting spammed I’d pull it down. Lots of good responses so far. Stats post should be live next Monday with Google docs related tutorials to follow. Some of their API docs aren’t the clearest or really done well but basically got the info out the way I want now and trying to come up with best way to put in a post.

    Okay fixed the avatar :)

  4. Nichole says:

    Filled it out. I hope you get a good sample on this. I will help spread the word… like the Bubonic Plague, only less killy.

  5. […] 23 responses to the survey (forgot to fill it out myself till now.) I cleaned up a few of the entries to keep the city names […]

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