Social Media Survey results – part 1

on January 12th, 2010 by Richard Orelup in General
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Got 23 responses to the survey (forgot to fill it out myself till now.) I cleaned up a few of the entries to keep the city names uniform and made a couple people’s name Anonymous for those that were too cool to be honest. I’m amazed that there wasn’t a single Spam entry in the whole thing. I’ll leave the form up and taking entries as long as spam doesn’t start rolling in. The charts should update themselves but obviously any comments I make may be off in the future.

Steve Dalton, the Northwest Indiana Mortgage Lender, wins the award for longest winded, he wrote by far the largest entry in any of the text boxes. Finn, the one writing the Blues Book and beating up peeps on twitter for not respecting the #indiana, gets the Kiss-Ass award for putting me as the person using social media the best.

Keeping with my love of being fully open and transparent you can get the full data here. If you use it anywhere please let us know so that we can see that it got more value then just this. One thing you may notice is that the columns are all out of order. The reason for this is that when creating the form I kind of moved things around and made up questions in the middle and such. I could move them into the proper order but I have been lazy. :)

For anyone wondering how they can use Google Docs themselves to do something similar, I’ll have a few posts up about what I did to create everything here. It wasn’t hard and is really quick to knock out.

Alright onto the Stats and commentary!

Strong Valpo presence but that’s to be expected being that’s a lot of the peeps I know and have been networking with.

The professions were all over the place, mostly in Tech related fields, but even reaching to the real estate professions and even a pastor.

Alright this post already feels to long so I’m going to put and end to this one and come back tomorrow and talk about the tools people are using for business and personal. As always if you can’t wait you can look at the raw data if you like.

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