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on February 1st, 2010 by Richard Orelup in General
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It always amazes me when someone find me through Google. It’s not really that amazing in the sense because that’s the point of a search engine, but I always feel like there are a million other people out there who have already said the same thing so why would I ever show up in a search.  As well this is nothing big either but what really got

Well with the recent post I did on defending your WordPress install from brute force attacks I’ve had a crazy amount of traffic from all over the world.  Here let me show you the stats from analytics –

Mu Studios global stats for WordPress Brute force attack post

Mu Studios global stats for WordPress Brute force attack post

While still mainly in the US you can see there was still a ton from elsewhere.  But the one I found most interesting was one that came from Italy.  Why did I find it so interesting?  Well he then linked to the story and made a bullet list of my points.  On top of that it’s in Italian.  I found it through inlinks to the site and you can see it here –

As well you can see a rough translation of the article here –

It’s just so interesting to see how things can travel on the internet and something you write here can show up across the globe.  I hope the article has helped people make their WordPress installs more secure and help defeat some attacks.  Hopefully I have some more articles in the near future that grab similar interest across the world.

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