Why I love Slicehost even more

on February 18th, 2010 by Richard Orelup in Cost Cutters
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Slicehost Okay, recently I added a “We run on” to the sidebar that points out that we run on Slicehost. I was getting ready to write an article about how much I have loved running on them and recently started my second slice for a secondary MySQL and memcached server. While performance is a bit slow at times (I’m on the smallest slice) compared to the full server we had at Layered Tech (I would also recommend them, we only left because of the price), it’s more then plenty for most of what we are doing. We cut our cost from $105 (was $70 before a major price increase) to $25 a month and this now included automatic backups.

The only real issues we have had is that Buddypress and OpenX both brought it to a near standstill at times (and the later because it’s a bloated garbage app.) Also because of a current project, it was looking like we might be approaching our bandwidth limit. We weren’t really that close on the BW limit I should say, it was only going to use slightly more then one slices worth. With Slicehost though they add up all your servers BW together so we were really fine. As well, if your slices are in the same Datacenter you can use an internal IP and save yourself from being double hit on BW charges like some places.

Backups are cheap and done without issue which is great. I haven’t had to recover yet but I have to figure it won’t be painful if ever needed. As well being able to pay ahead and get a 10% discount it nice.

Our next issue was going to be that we would probably need to move up to another slice size because of our disk space needs as we are at 7Gigs of the 10gigs on the machine. This was going to suck because the next level was basically double the price. Luckily Slicehost is all over this and just announced a bunch of changes that have just made things way easier and cheaper. You can see them talk about them on there blog, or you can see the new slices on their front page.

So first they increased the BW for nothing, which is awesome. Any previous BW concerns I had are now gone (well till I get a special account that will 10x my need but when that happens we will have want a bigger network of slices.)

Next they added a slice between the 256 and 512, the 384. While it’s not exactly 50% bigger in memory, it is 50% bigger in storage and bandwidth, and that isn’t even the best part. It also only costs 25% more then the 256 slice (backup is 50% more, but that extra $2.50 is worth it). That’s basically a no brainer upgrade right there. In the next week or so I’ll probably move my main slice over to that but wait on the new one because it’s not really using any disk space at the moment as well it isn’t really using that much processing power.

On the service side I’ve had great response when I’ve gone to their IRC channel and their service update RSS feed has kept me in the loop on pretty much everything. They are hosted in high end datacenters and were recently bought by Rackspace so you know they have a bunch of quality talent to help with any issues that arise. This isn’t some joke company that’s running servers out of their garage pretending to be a real datacenter. Having seen some of those it can be pretty scary how unsafe people’s data really is.

While hosting with them may be over the head of most because it’s not just a web host, for those who know how to run their own servers Slicehost is an awesome deal. I’ve suggested them to everyone I know and will keep doing the same. They are a great way to cut costs if you are paying outrageous fees to some of these other jokes in the IT world and will probably make you better off because of it. Protect your data infrastructure by getting a cloud hosting service feature. Oh and if you want to check them out please use the link to the right here because then if you do sign up I can get some referral credit. :)

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  1. Brett says:

    I’ve been using slicehost for about 6 months now. I don’t have a single complaint. Although, I just re-sized my 256 slice to 512, the 384 option wasn’t available. I guess I’ll have to get on the chat and tell them to re-size my slice to 384. Thanks for the info.

  2. Yeah it was just announced yesterday, glad I held off myself on doing it. I can’t imagine you will have any issues with they to get it adjusted.

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