DNS/Twitter post at NWICreative.org

on February 19th, 2010 by Richard Orelup in Development
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Forgot to mention that I had done another article over at NWICreative.org.

This one was on the recent attack on Twitter that got a lot of press but turned out to be not must. Overall I just wanted to talk about how DNS could be a much bigger issue that people never even thought about. Also since we none of us are major tech giants, it’s most likely that getting it fixed will take a lot longer then what it took them.

Funnily, the comments were good on that post as well as someone decided to throw some shit at Facebook but it didn’t stick once the facts were presented. I have a ton of respect for the developers over Facebook and what they have accomplished. They do a ton of great work developing tech and unlike other companies share this with the community as a whole. I’ll get into that more later though because I have a bunch of notes saved up to talk about HipHop and such that came about from their work.

So go read and enjoy.

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