My partner in Mu Studios is a Cylon

on March 12th, 2010 by Richard Orelup in General
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So at after the most recent #nwitweetup a few of us decided to have the #aftertweetup up at BW3’s in Valpo. We were sitting at a table where I had my back to the front entrance of the bar. All of a sudden I catch someone walking in out of the corner of my eye, and I thought what the hell is Wade (@wadeshull) doing here.

Partner in Mu Studios – Wade Shull

Wade is my partner in Mu Studios and has been my friend since we lived on the same floor of Harrison Hall down at Purdue. I stood up in his wedding and he stood up in mine. He’s basically the Silent Bob to my Jay and is my “hetero life-mate.”

But then it hit me, this guy wasn’t white. I just found the “Black Wade.” I called my wife to come down and check this out because I was just floored by how similar this guy looked to my buddy Wade. He also held himself similar to him. It was just crazy to see this. My wife thought I was just crazy or being silly but after she got down there she saw that I was right.

So here are some pictures she took of him (stupidly I forgot to ask for his name so I could refer to my friend as the White WHOMEVER.)

Here is a shot of me with both (White Wade and I were in our Rock Band constumes) so you can compare. What I found funny is Black Wade is shorter then White Wade. There must be a 7 foot tall Asian Wade over in China somewhere.

So I shared this new found info with White Wade this morning and he told me that he needs to get a pic with another dude at his work who also looks just like him. I was like wait, so there is another person who looks just like Wade? Then it hit me, my friend of all these years (over 10) is actually a Cylon and I never knew it.

Now I know exactly how Admiral Adama felt when he found out Colonel Tigh was a Cylon. This is quite devastating, though will be cool to figure out how to interface him directly with a computer. As well, I just realized all those times I accused him of hacking when we played Counterstrike cause he always was able to find me and kill me no matter what I tried was actually true. That asshat must have been running the hacks on himself instead of on the computer. He also plays a lot better when he has been drinking, so maybe his great grandfather was a Bender unit.

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