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Poor @saan1911, it's not his fault #RashaanHasOneUglyMug

Okay so I’m feeling frisky today. I want to get a ton of people using the @saan1911 Bag Face as their Avatar. And guess what? I’m going to put my money where my mouth is (well actually other people’s mouths.)

For every person who sets there avatar to the the Bag Face for a 24 hours (none of this set for 2 minutes crap) I will donate $1 to Banta Feeds Food Drives (up to $60)

So here are the rules –
1) You must use the avatar for 24 hours. No setting and changing and then setting back. I’m not going to be watching like a hawk but I’ll just say I’ll have ways of knowing. We made it shorter cause some people are to attached, me on the other hand will leave it for a week because we all need to be aware of this great issue faceing our nation.
2) You must RT this tweet of mine. This way I can know to watch you and hopefully find you through search.
3) You must follow @bantafeedss, but you should have already been doing that.
4) Your account must be created before 4/19. No one creating accounts just to run it up. Want real people doing it.

Why limiting to $60? Well I doubt we will get hat many, but I better have a limit cause all my luck it would start trending. :)

So here is the pic for those who need it.

This is all in good fun. So please get me up to my max cause I’m going to be loving seeing my whole home stream filled with this pic.

Mu Studios is now pledging to match my donation. So it is now $2 for every person who does it. :) Anymore corporate sponsors want in?

The limit has been raised from 40 to 60. I really didn’t expect to get up to 40 and with us just over it I figure we can go a little longer cause #RashaanHasOneUglyMug Awareness Day goes on till 5PM :)

So here is the list I have so far. My @mention stream isn’t picking up all so hoping to catch the rest using Twitter Search. Make sure you RT my previous tweet to try to make sure I’m picking it up if I missed you here.

  1. ripsup
  2. saan1911 – See he’s a good sport
  3. ChristineHisick
  4. bantafeedss
  5. kristypage
  6. theDieterDog
  7. benfraley
  8. FoodieMamaNWI
  9. natfinn
  10. iamfiction
  11. misterpoppet
  12. geoffhudson
  13. wadeshull
  14. TV_MA
  15. vldurkin
  16. Jason_M_Adams
  17. missisays
  18. rginvalpo
  19. tbdltd
  20. caskew327
  21. justsaycheeseit
  22. davewoodson
  23. chuck197038
  24. timstidham
  25. josh_walker
  26. Updated – 2:08PM

  27. mhillaert
  28. gotbirthinghips
  29. aaronsimac
  30. daltonsbriefs
  31. nwitweetup
  32. cheekiegeek
  33. bulkmail4u
  34. shelhart
  35. bijj
  36. mrs_wally
  37. richschmidt
  38. dianeaaron
  39. CapitolWeb
  40. nwireconnect
  41. Chris_Hedges
  42. glindaharrison
  43. shellipants
  44. Last group counted

  45. ktatgenhorst
  46. fanbrew
  47. rzeprace
  48. parrotheaddad5 – Somehow missed him yesterday, that’s what you get for not RTing :)

Also like to thanks @IndianaBluejay who said he would donate $24 to not have to change his avatar.

Thanks everyone for supporting Banta Feeds and #RashaanHasOneUglyMug Awareness Day.

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14 Responses to “VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!!!!”

  1. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ripsup: Donating $1 to @bantafeeds for everyone who sets avatar to the @saan1911 Bag Face. #RashaanHasOneUglyMug

  2. shelhart says:

    Picture Changed!

  3. Nichole says:

    Here are some more:


  4. Nichole says:



  5. Had @wadeshull (#13) but adding the other 2 :) Will be updated again here in a sec.

  6. Nichole says:

    MORE! (Did my first comment go through?)


  7. Josh Walker says:

    When’s the deadline again? And what is the total donation at now? Great job, guys! I love these impromptu kind of things : )

  8. Nicole – are you even looking at my list before posting as some of those were already on there. Already got the rest as well, but that was after you posted. Let me know if you find any not on the list. :)

    Josh – Since I didn’t post #RashaanHasOneUglyMug Awareness Day till 5PM yesterday, we are running it till 5PM today. I’m saying you have to have your avatar set by 3:30PM so people aren’t doing last minute and then changing back trying to cheat the system. Next year (oh yeah it’s making a comeback) we will have a bit more set structure to and advanced warning. :)

    I’ll also put up another post about the whole event after it’s done because I’ve been amazed at the success of this.

  9. Kristin says:

    okay so this idea wasn’t a reason to be scared! haha…. great job!!!!!

  10. Nichole says:

    I thought I did, but I tend to hallucinate quite frequently so I most likely didn’t see some of the names. Either that or I didn’t refresh the page or use the find tool very well. My fingers shake over keys. Heh.

  11. Amy Stark says:

    Rats… I had computer issues yesterday and couldn’t change my avatar. Now it looks as if you’re over your 40 limit. Congratulations and keep me in mind for the next time.

  12. Final count on democrats who sent me hate dm’s on twitter for changing my profile to a black man with a paper bag on his head. (3) That’s what I get for playing hardcore politics on twitter along with all my other activities.

  13. rginvalpo says:

    The guy under the bag is black?!? Guess I didn’t take the time to care what color he was.

  14. I have heard people make the accusation that he is black but I have not been given any proof to support this claim. I have a long lists of reasons that Rahsaan is far from black and more accurately could be described as a gangly white comic book nerd.

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