Rahsaan has an Ugly Mug Awareness Day comes to a close

on April 21st, 2010 by Richard Orelup in General
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Rahsaan proves that he is the coolest dude I know by playing along and supporting the joke

Well this has been a pretty exciting 24 hours. This whole joke went way farther and had a much larger impact then I really expected. When I first typed up the post I had the limit set at 20 which I thought would have been high. But then I thought by saying 20 people wouldn’t do it because they thought it was too little.

In the end we ended up with 46 people (well twitter accounts) changing their avatar and raised $116 for the Banta Feeds Charity that helps local food pantries with food drives. This was a great example of how tight the NW Indiana region is and how well we can really come together to support a good cause (well, I’d say more to make fun of Rahsaan.) There were a few rules changes/additions during the process but everything went really smooth overall. There were also a lot of questions asked of the what/why/who variety that I’m going to try and address right now.

There was a ton that I pick up about the whole “Social Media” thing that I want to share, but to not make this post 20 pages long I’ll write that one up as a separate one after this.

So here are the answers you seek.

Q: Why?
A: Well, the obvious answer is that I’m a well respected practitioner of the art of Asshattery. For anyone who’s followed me for any time on Twitter or is unfortunate enough to have to deal with me on a regular basis in the real world, they know I like to pick on people. As well, anyone who has met my family (especially those that have met my grandmother) know this is a genetic trait that has been bred into me that I can not change.

Q: But why Rahsaan?
A: When someone sets their personal description to “Most likely the coolest guy you will ever meet. Seriously.” you know you have to mess with them. After meeting him at the NWItweetups , I found out he was a pretty cool dude (on the White Guy cool scale) and that he could take a joke so the door was open. Him and I have been jabbing back and forth ever since over Twitter and IM.

Q: But this is pretty over the top from small jabs, what made you come up with this idea?

Tweet that started the fire, it was always burning since the wor….Stop it.

A: Well it was a combination of things really. Earlier that day Rahsaan made a comment about how he was happy that someone (later found out it was @benfraley) had removed an avatar that Nicole (@iamfiction) had made to make fun of him. So being me, I asked Nicole for the pic so I could set my avatar to it. A few tweets later and Rahsaan noticed and said he would get me back for my acts of defiance to his coolness (okay I embellish a bit there.) I thought, “Man this is nothing, if I could get everyone to wear this it would be even funnier.”

Around this same time Kristin (@kristypage) made a tweet about “start the revolution” quoting a real life comment from Nate (@natfinn) which made me laugh when I thought about what kind of revolution they should be starting over there (definitely wasn’t the one implied in the tweet.) She also “unliked” her employer shortly after that, which I also found quite hilarious.

So all these events led me to tweet this and #RashaanHasOneUglyMug Awareness Day was born (Later Rahsaan pointed out I spelled his name wrong, my bad.) Now I just needed to figure out the how.

Q: So your best answer was to bribe people?
A: Um yeah, how else are things done? We are close to Chicago so that rubs off and in the region we do breed our own corrupt politicians, even in our own city.

Q: So what was the next step?
A: Well the overall goal was getting pretty evil, so evil in fact that it went off the screen and came back on the other side. In this I realized I needed to do something good to get people to jump on the bandwagon. At first I thought maybe just saying by changing your avatar I’ll stop coming to the NWITweetups which probably would have ended up getting more people to do it. I do have a lot of haters (I’m sorry, I can’t help informing you that your numbers are garbage.) This would have been bad in the end though because I’d lose all these prime targets for my attacks. So instead my evil turned into something very good for the Banta Feeds.

Q: Why Banta Feeds?
A: Banta Feeds is a charity run by Christine Hisick (@ChristineHisick) who is by far the nicest and most caring person in Valparaiso, Indiana (that’s actually not much of a compliment as we set that bar really low.) She started this charity to help the food pantries in the area after hearing they were in need. I first heard her speak about it at a City Council meeting and knew her charity was one of the “good ones.” Christine actually comes to our tweetups and as well is loved in the online community so I knew she would be a big draw as well. So then I wrote the post listing out the rules and sent it to the world.

Q: How did the rules work?
A: First I decided it would be $1 a person who changed and set a limit at $20. Before I announced it I decided to move that to $40 because I thought people might not do it if they thought the $20 was reached when no one may have even done it. This was really a soft limit and more to stop the possibility of someone cheating or it going viral and breaking me. I moved the limit to $60 when the more then 40 had signed up to keep it going.

Second I added the account creation rule to stop anyone from just creating account after account.

Next I created the 1 week rule, which I saw quickly wasn’t going to work after Jim (@IndianaBlueJay) started complaining. I dropped this to 24 hours, and after this was in full swing I am glad it was only 24 hours cause it got pretty hard to use Twitter when all you saw was #RashaanHasOneUglyMug for everyone’s avatar. I’m keeping it for the week, but that’s mostly cause I’m an ass. :)

Lastly were the rules I didn’t enforce. First was to follow @bantafeedss which I didn’t check at the end to see for sure people were but Christine says they did get a ton of new followers. The other was that you had to RT my one specific tweet. That was more for me to track it easier then to help me get traffic or my name out there. Tracking turned out to be quite a pain but I think I got everyone in the end. Also for those asshats with protected accounts, I can’t see your RT’s. Protected accounts are so ’08 :)

Q: How did it turn out?
A: Un-fucking-believable. We ended up with 46 people making the change (yeah I was 2 of them.) I expected less then 10. We had 1 matching sponsor (yeah it’s my company :) ) and Jim (@IndianaBlueJay) donated $24 so he didn’t have to change his avatar. So in the end we raised $116 for Banta Feeds.

Q: You didn’t get anything out of this, other then being mean to Rahsaan?
A: Yes, I got a ton of respect for the whole #nwindiana Twitter community. They all pulled together to have some fun and help a good cause. It was great to see everyone who changed their avatar and joined in the jabbing. While I may have been the instigator, many others helped to make it even bigger (I list details it a different full on thank you post here in a few days, this getting to long.)

I’ve also gotten a ton of Social Media info to share. By other people’s retarded calculations this is probably one of the biggest things to happen in NWI twitter history, but I’ll break down how stupid it would be to say that. I’m basically taking it easy on others by showing through my own big event where those numbers are wrong instead of “being a hater” on other people’s ignorant use of misleading facts to fake their self worth. I’ll let everyone know when that is up, and trust me it’s going to be one of the harshest things I’ve ever written openly about the “Social Media Experts” community.

Lastly, fuck the Indy SM crowd (with a few exceptions to be named later :) .) If anyone from Indy did participate, which to my knowledge was no one minus a couple RT’s, please let me know as I didn’t see it and don’t feel that this is directed at you if you did. You guys are all about “Lets join the state together” but yet what that really means is “Come blow us because we are the big dicks in Social Media in the state.” I haven’t seen you guys truly come together to support any effort that goes on up here and overall is par for the course for how the city in general treats NWI. I know some of my peers up here will disagree with this statement and I will gladly argue it with them. I’ve been playing nice and trying to keep my lashing out on the retarded things that spew from your talking heads to a minimum but that’s pretty much done at this point. A lot of this will come up in the Social Media post but I just had to get that out there. Granted I don’t know why the people up here have associated themselves with you guys, maybe it’s because they knew it was easier to stand out down there then with the city we should be working, Chicago.

Q: So anything else?
A: Thanks for asking me, basically I want to thank everyone who participated, I’ll give more detailed thanks on that in another post, I know you are sick of hearing me rant and repeat myself.

BUT Huge thanks to Rahsaan for being a good sport with all of this and even supporting the cause by wearing the bag himself. I’m buying him lunch on Friday and everyone who helped is invited (but you are paying for your own.) Place not decided yet, just watch the twitter stream to find out.

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14 Responses to “Rahsaan has an Ugly Mug Awareness Day comes to a close”

  1. You know, it is getting a little old getting marketed to from Blog Indiana and other “let’s all join hands and work together” groups in Indy … and yet for something as easy as your little joke they blow us off. Have to agree

  2. Amy Stark says:

    Now I’m doubly ashamed. First, because I wasn’t able to participate (I got the blue screen of death three times yesterday and almost let Gateway talk me into wiping my system- plus it just now happened again while I was typing this and I finally captured the error message “Kernal Stack INPAGE ERROR” HELP!) and Second, because no one in Indianapolis participated which makes me ashamed of my city. I signed on this morning after doing a Hard Disk Scan last night to don the paper bag only to discover you were at 46.

    On behalf of the Central #Indiana tweeters, please accept my apologies and as soon as I figure out what the $*!^*% a kernal stack error is, I will apologize on twitter, too.

  3. Kristin says:

    For the record I like my employer again :) It was a test for a blog entry! (http://blog.golden-tech.com/2010/04/gee-thanks-facebook-golly-we-like-you-too/) :) hahaha

    I love watching how a small off hand comment can spin so far! Awesome job!

  4. Rahsaan says:

    My name is Rahsaan Taylor and I endorse this blog.

    This event was great because it showed that there are no real rules to social media. We spend so much time talking about how to get followers and how to do this and that, we tend to forget to have fun with things. It isn’t about “getting it” or having great numbers. Rich, this game of yours is one of the more innovative things that I’ve seen on a social site. Thanks for being an evil bastard, you evil bastard.

  5. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ripsup: Alright #RashaanHasOneUglyMug Awareness Day wrap-up is complete. Thanks to all except those I mentioned :) http://bit.ly/a77HvI #nwindiana…

  6. […] was reading Richard Orelup’s post regardingĀ an Indiana social media movement that dominated #NWIndiana’s twitter community and raised funds for a worthwhile charity […]

  7. Chris Hedges says:

    Great work on raising funds for Banta Feeds.

    You also inspired me to pontificate on why Northwest Indiana needs to take the lead in social media for Indiana.


  8. You call that pontificating Chris? That was a smack down and a challenge to Indy new media and social media “experts” to crawl out of their Amway meetings and join in collaborative ventures.

  9. Allyn says:

    Holy Shnikees, I missed out on this one. Sucks working a day job that consumes me.
    Either way Richard, I love that you drop f-bombs in your posts and also speak of “Ass-hattery” … good shix man; ballzy too.
    Now that I have a smart phone, hopefully I can stay tuned into IN SM during the day now.

  10. Richard says:

    Testing to see if I get email after reply :)

  11. Okay lets see that I get the email :)

  12. For anyone who hasn’t, go check out Chris’s post for the continued discussion on the Indy side. There is a storm brewing in NWI that is going to definitely bring some changes.

    Allyn – I’m glad you enjoyed the profanity, your vids are some of my fav for a similar reason. Being this is technically my corporate blog I “try” to keep the profanity to a minimum but anyone who knows me I can make Blago blush with bombs I’ll drop. :)

    And in this case I was –
    a) Floored by the response to this.
    b) Indy really deserved it. Amy has been nice enough to stop by but we didn’t get any response from any of the others. There was recently a lot of work done to help out an Indy guy with his charity thing that actually cost people money. This on the other hand only ask for a 1 minute commitment to change your avatar and send a RT trying to get others. I’m pretty sure though it’s more that they would rather forget I existed because I say some pretty mean things all the time about their profession and how they don’t know shit with regards to it. :)

    Hope the smart phone helps, I don’t really pay that much attention to it like some people believe. I just have it open to the side and only really respond when I get mentioned or DM’d. It’s not as much of a commitment as some make it out to be. THOUGH, those people who say that it is are usually the “social media experts” I’m ragging on for not even truly understanding the tool they are preaching.

  13. I so remember this, I wish we could bring back some of the community like we use to have before it got polluted with some of the creatives and other crap

  14. Being that most involved in this are in the “creative” community I don’t see how they polluted it. It seems to me more the businesses trying to capitalize on something they don’t understand is really the problem. Maybe similar things would come back if they all stopped trying to bother the real conversations with their desire to find a way to profit on something they obviously never will.

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