The Ren Men and their new Auto Group

on May 4th, 2010 by Richard Orelup in Marketing
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Okay, a while ago I happened on stumble upon a new video series that I really enjoyed called the The Ren Men Show.

I found them pretty early on when they had posted a video in response to a 4 Hour Work Week contest. Now you may be saying, “Richard, why the hell would you of all people be buying into all those get rich doing nothing type schemes?” Here’s the thing, while I don’t agree with a lot of what I call fluff in the 4hww, like all the life hacking gloating that I could care less to read, there are actually a lot of simple concepts that can really help to inspire you to think creatively about income and work in general.

Now a lot of people submitted videos to the contest and there were a lot of people who were the “selling e-books” scammer types but luckily I got 1 gem out of the group, the Ren Men. Now what makes them different?

First, they aren’t selling you anything. There’s no attempt to give you only 10% of the info to get you to buy 100% (only to find out the other 90% was just garbage rehashed and copied from elsewhere.)

Second, they are willing to share the inner workings of their businesses. They will break down the numbers they use when making business decisions and not try to sugar coat or hide anything. Honesty is hard to find in this genre and they have it.

Third, and this is HUGE, they will admit failure. They aren’t just telling you about their home runs, they tell you about their crash and burns as well. It is so rare to find anyone who will do this and be so genuine about it.

Lastly, they are cool dudes. They try to interact with the people who comment and are open to ideas and criticism. I’ve personally given them a lot of feedback on the site and things in general and they have embraced it. They are enjoyable to watch and have a great vibe with each other.

Okay now that I have confused everyone who knows me by saying positive things about someone I will give them what they expect. I build them up just to tear them down. Just kidding, more just wanted to post some constructive criticism about their recent ads they have made for the newly formed Ren Men Auto Group.

You can see one of the ads here. Now I love cheap crazy ads like the Eagle Man up here in Chicagoland area but this needs a bit of work. I submit 2 clips for your inspiration.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

Jones BBQ and foot massage

Okay, so firstly, Grant smiles to much. I like the idea, you just need a deadpan guy to pull it off. You can just tell he’s laughing about it when he’s getting pelted by balloons instead of being pissed. Al might be able to pull something like that off but i have better ideas for him. :)

Also the transition is a bit strange, the video has a cheap commercial type feel at the beginning but then you transition over to your slogan and it feels almost to nice. It needs a little bit of a throwback to the test to give it that old school ad feel I think. It just doesn’t feel right and I’m having a hard time putting my finger exactly on it.

Here’s my idea. Put Al in a clown suit. Wig, red nose, the whole getup. Next give him 1 ballon. Go all art house french film on this bitch (even black and white with the scratches and such.) Have him just stand there all still while you have someone speak random french gibberish and and put pointless unrelated subtitles on it. Then about 10 secs in, hit him with something. Dodgeball has been done, water balloons could work. You could even drop a car on him or hit him with a car. WAIT thats it. Have him in the parking lot and get hit by the car (not literally of course, use some creative editing, use the symbolism of the balloon floating away to represent his pain.) Cut back to color after the crash and have Wiley come out and ask someone he was taking for a test drive if they liked the car. Have the person freaked out and then Wiley make some crazy comment about the clown. Then cut to the bad ads line.

Possible Wiley quotes
1) Don’t worry about him, he was french anyways. (though that might make french peeps mad, THOUGH could get lots of red state pro americans to come in)
2) Oh he does this all the time, get up you wussy (could go stronger in name calling but up to you.)
3) Oh, hum, well, hum, I can get the body shop to take the dent out.
4) See, I told you this car could take a hit.
5) 10 Points, WHOO HOOOO, Count it.
6) Oh, hum, well, hum, I can take a little off the price maybe.
7) (Franticly) Oh no, oh no, oh no. When the cops get here tell them you were driving.
8 ) (Put arm around person and walk them away) So will you need an extended warranty on this vehicle
9) Or can just walk away and completely ignore what happened.

That was just a quick shooting from the hip. As well the pelting the clown thing works as well cause everyone hates clowns. Hope this helped to spark some ideas of your own and can’t wait to see more.

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  1. Micah says:

    I like the ren men show too. I found them a few weeks ago and decided to read a few of the books they recommend. I agree with you on some of the 4hww balogna. He makes it sound like you can create a quality e-book in 10 days and charge people $50-100 for it. Coming up with a product or a good business system takes more than 10 days and that is what people really need good info on. Most of those e-books are about how to make e-books. It’s like a big pyramid scheme.

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