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Simple jQuery accordion navigation for WordPress

on January 16th, 2012 by Richard Orelup in Development - jQuery - Wordpress

Fortunately at my primary job I was able to get buy-in on my proposal to finally move off of the our current horrific CMS (here is my full write-up on all of my complaints about Hannon Hill’s Cascade Server) and move everything to WordPress. It’s going to be an amazing example of the power of WordPress and how it can really makes things a lot simpler for everyone involved with the backend all the way to the end users. I’ll definitely put up a post about the benefits and everything...Read More!

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Doing Flickr Groups with jFlickrFeed

on July 7th, 2011 by Richard Orelup in Development - jQuery

My buddy Rahsaan was having a problem getting his group feeds to show up with a tool he had found to bring his Flickr feeds onto his website. He was able to get his public feed feed to work fine but not groups. I threw him a bone and helped him figure it out. I didn’t find a quick answer with a Google Search so I decided to put up a quick post with how I did it so hopefully others looking for this answer find it quickly and save some time. The tool he was using is called jFlickrFeed and...Read More!

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